Winter Poinsettia Fundraiser

Fundraising made easy with Malmborg’s

Poinsettia sales with Malmborg’s is a risk-free fundraising opportunity for your group or organization. Your group members pre-sell poinsettias to family, friends, and neighbors; so you only pay for poinsettias you have already sold. After delivering beautiful, Malmborg’s grown poinsettias, your group keeps the profits from your sales.

For fundraiser information, please contact Van Cooley at 763.242.4343 or [email protected]

Malmborg’s-grown Poinsettias are available to fundraising groups in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro & surrounding area.

Fundraiser Steps:

1. Learn More: Poinsettia Fundraiser Information

2. Contact Malmborg’s to set up a delivery or pick-up date, call our office at (763) 428-2061 or Van at (763) 242-4343.

3. Pre-sell Poinsettias to your friends and family: Poinsettia Fundraiser Sales Form

4. Order Poinsettias from Malmborg’s: Poinsettia Fundraiser Group Totals

5. Pick up Poinsettias or have them delivered to your location. Distribute Poinsettias to your customers.

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