Easy Composting

Getting started with composting can be intimidating but it can be easier than you may think. Passive composting is a slower process than hot composting but requires much less effort and is a great option for gardeners just getting started.

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Canning Summer Produce

The fruits and vegetables we grow in our garden are too delicious to enjoy for only a few months a year. There are many ways to preserve these foods for the colder months and one of the easiest and longest-lasting is water bath canning.

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Watering During a Drought

Keep our gardens look great during the hottest part of the summer can be a challenge during a normal year but can be very difficult when we’re experiencing long periods of dry weather and hot days.

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The Best Perennials for Your Garden

When picking out perennial plants for your garden you probably already look for the sun and shade requirements, the hardiness zone, and the mature size of the plant. But, you may also need a perennial that will grow well under a large tree or in a hot, dry area next to the street.

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Pruning Shrubs & Evergreens

Pruning can be an intimidating garden task for some people. But, by following a few simple rules, you can easily tackle all your pruning projects.

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Planting Trees & Shrubs in the Fall

Many of us only think about adding trees and shrubs to our landscape in the spring and summer, but fall is actually a great time to plant. Follow these few simple steps to insure that your fall plantings will be protected through the winter and thrive next summer.

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