The Worlds Most Interesting Plants

The world of plants is endlessly fascinating, and we love learning about interesting plants, even if they are varieties we don’t grow ourselves. Here are some of our favorite interesting plant stories. Do carrots help us see at night? You may have heard this common line from your parents or used it with your own…

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How do we get new plants?

One of our favorite parts of every garden season is seeing the new plants we will have the opportunity to grow that year, but where do these plants come from?

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Rooted Cuttings

“So, what do you do in the winter?” While some greenhouses close for part of the winter, Malmborg’s stays busy year-round. We use our greenhouses in Rogers, MN to produce plants for our garden centers but we also produce young plants, called rooted cutting, for garden centers around the country and we want to give you a peek behind the curtain of our winter activities.

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All About Houseplants

Growing plants isn’t just confined to the summer season. Bring the garden indoors during the winter with houseplants. Even if you have a small space, there is a houseplant that will be perfect to add to your home.

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Growing Amaryllis

When the weather gets cold in Minnesota, we turn to plants that we can grow indoors. One of the most striking of these plants is Amaryllis bulbs.

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All about Worm Farms

If you would like to compost your food scraps but don’t have space for an outdoor compost pile, worm farming or vermiculture may be right for you. A worm farm is a contained, indoor compost bin for food scraps. It uses compost worms to break down food waste and produce worm casting.

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