Summer isn’t as ideal of a time to plant as spring or early fall, but with a few precautions, most plants will do fine. Peak sunlight and searing heat are added stressors on young plants with small roots, not to mention, summer soil tends to be drier. The best way to counteract these complications is with regular watering. Damp soil can make the difference between plant life and death – especially during the first two months after planting.

How often to water?

Summer-planted annual and perennial flowers benefit from soakings every two or three days, since their roots are small and near the soil surface. Newly emerged grass also appreciates a drink once or twice a day.

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What to plant

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes grow well in summer and produce abundantly in as little as 90 days. Wait to plant them until the weather is good and hot for best results. As a bonus, sweet potatoes need little cultivation once the vines begin to spread across the ground.

Hot Peppers

Hot Peppers grow and produce well from spring into fall. While some of the larger types slow down production when warm summer nights arrive, many of the smaller, hotter types produce well straight through.

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Green Beans

Beans are easy to grow and productive. Choose bush varieties for a quick crop or pole beans for a long season of steady production.

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Zucchini Squash

Squash, both summer and winter types, are best grown in the heat. Where squash bugs or squash vine borers are a problem, start seeds indoors and transplant into the garden in late June or early July. Protect with row covers until the plants begin to bloom. Covering the stems with soil as they mature will help protect against squash vine borer damage.

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